Attorneys are not a class of people who enjoy a stellar reputation. In many cases this is something that is undeserved with thousands of dedicated men and women working in the best interests of their client and to uphold justice.


Yet there are others that blur the lines of morality whilst racking up an enormous bill and enriching themselves off the back of someone else’s suffering. Needless to say that lawyers can utilize some good PR at any given opportunity.


So what personality aspects of an attorney operate as a positive for their client? Should they be empathetic, energetic or completely devoid of emotion? Here we will discuss the best personality traits that your attorney should possess when they represent you.

Problem Solver


The best practitioner will be able to think on their feet and exercise a strong degree of judgment. Problems, hurdles and setbacks are part and parcel of the business and it is those experts who can solve problems with ease and efficiency that are worth the investment from the point of view of the client. Should a piece of evidence become invalid or the opposition introduce a new witness to proceedings, then the attorney should have the cunning to identify an opportunity and exploit it.

Research and Analytics



Solving problems is an exercise that cannot be achieved on a whim. There has to be research on data, testimony and anything else that will prove to be prevalent to the case in question. The trick then for the attorney is to absorb all of the information possible and surgically evaluate and distill what types of information will be required.


There won’t always be a textbook available that will provide the answers. Attorneys who are masters at research will head out into the field and exploit their own contacts to locate information that the opposition won’t see coming. This is where strong cases are built.



This is arguably the most underrated characteristic regarding on professional in any niche of business. Communication should act as the backbone of any agency because an attorney’s ability to inform their clientele and articulate to a court the case they are arguing is the most important gauge for success. Those attorneys who struggle to communicate often leave important details to the side as neither the lawyer nor the client has a complete grasp of the situation, objectives or ramifications should a case not fall in their favor.