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6 Reasons an Online Lawyer Suits The Needs of Clients

A lawyer consulting with client

The choice to engage an online lawyer might appear somewhat unusual. If there are firms and practices based in the town or city, what not get in contact with them?

The fact remains that there are many community members who recognise value in their service and understand why it is more beneficial for their circumstances.

Here are 6 reasons why an online lawyer suits the needs of their clientele base.

1) Same Level of Expertise & Excellent Representation

There is a common misconception that exists amongst many community members about the role of an online lawyer. Given that they are not situated in the same premises and have all of the bells and whistles as high-end solicitors, then they don’t offer the same level of quality. This opinion is incredibly wide of the mark and fails to recognise the industry trend towards digital engagement. In this setting, clients receive the same service excellence and staunch representation, it is just a matter of readjusting to a different mode of delivery.

2) Convenient Scheduling

The good news for community members who hire an online lawyer is that they are not directly impacted by normal business hour routines. Just because the clock is listed prior to 9am, after 5pm or situated on a weekend or public holiday, that won’t preclude the client from getting in touch with their specialist. By logging into a device and enjoying a private consultation with the representative, they can enjoy flexible scheduling options that are not afforded through traditional means.

3) Avoiding Travel Logistics

Legal representatives who carry out much of their work online appreciate that many of their constituents might struggle to receive quality representation because they are based in remote areas or they are restricted due to their health or their work or family commitments. For many, travelling into town or a city for an hour or two is a luxury they cannot afford. In this setting, they will be able to converse and plan their legal case from the convenience of their own home or a location of their choosing.

4) Flexible Delivery Method

The joys of technology mean that an online lawyer can be contacted via mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet. So long as there is a strong and sustainable Internet connection to utilise, then the delivery method between the professional and their customer will be flexible and dependent on the device that the individual has at their disposal. That flexibility is important, especially for those that have various device options and don’t want to be limited by just a single utility.

5) Transparent Lawyer Profile & Legal Targeting

With an online lawyer, nothing is left to chance for the client. Whether their case involves criminal law, family law, property law, administrative law, immigration law or another unique field altogether, then they can identify that practitioner from anywhere in the region, state or country. The same principle works for interested parties who are surveying their ratings and reviews, ensuring 100% transparency about who they hire and the terms of the agreement.

6) Affordable Rates & Fees

For many solicitors, they have to include higher fees and rates to ensure that they have coverage for their rental premises. Part of the way that they generate their image and enjoy more accolades will be due to their location and proximity to other brands. With the use of an online lawyer, they can work from home, out of the office or somewhere else remotely. This will allow them to reduce the fees and make their service more affordable, helping those constituents who are looking out for their bottom line.

4 Reasons Why Hiring The Best Family Lawyers Is Not Cheap

Court and the rights of the family and children. Family Law Concept
Court and the rights of the family and children. Family Law Concept

It’s no secret that hiring the best family lawyer in Sydney can represent a significant expense for anyone who wants to hire one to assist them with their legal situation. Because situations that involve the legal system can be high-stakes, it’s not surprising that experts in this area would demand significant fees for their services.

There are several different factors that influence the cost of a solicitor, such as their experience, seniority, location, and the urgency of the matter you are hiring them for. They also work under different pay structures, ranging from hourly rates to a fixed amount, or even something specially negotiated to suit different circumstances.

Because the legal service industry is de-regulated, the costs for solicitors can vary greatly. This is why it’s important for consumers to do research and look at testimonials to determine if a certain solicitor they are considering hiring is truly worth the amount they are charging.

With that said, let’s take a look at 4 reasons why the best family lawyers in Sydney are not a trivial investment.

1.    Expertise

Of course, the main reason why the best family lawyer in Sydney is not cheap is the fact that they bring a lot of expertise to the table that you can’t just get anywhere. These are professionals who have spent years studying their craft and working in the industry, accumulating invaluable experience that you can’t get by reading a website.

If just anyone could do the work that a solicitor does, then they wouldn’t be needed. The truth is that the legal industry is very complex, and someone needs special training to be able to navigate it successfully.

There are good reasons for the complexity of the legal system – it helps to limit the amount of interpretation that can be done and sets out clear guidelines for how things can be done. Your lawyer is an expert in terms of understanding these strict guidelines and working with them to get you the best outcome possible.

2.    Organisational skills

family lawyer in Sydney talking to a client

The best family lawyers in Sydney are also highly valued for their organisational skills. In order to do what they do; solicitors need to be highly organised and keep track of a lot of different things at once.

When someone hires a solicitor, they are not just doing it for their expertise but their resources and ability to manage their case for them. A regular person would likely be overwhelmed by the amount of information that a solicitor needs to sort through even for the most routine cases.

3.    Peace of mind

Another key reason that the best family lawyers in Sydney are so valuable to people is that they provide peace of mind to those who are dealing with situations that cause them a lot of stress. Having the counsel of a trained and experienced legal expert gives people more confidence about their situation and satisfies them that they have done everything in their power to secure the best outcome for themselves.

4.    High-stakes

As mentioned, the high-stakes and urgency of many legal cases have a lot to do with how much family lawyers in Sydney charge for their services. This is a fair arrangement as the more important the matter is, the harder the solicitor is going to have to work to secure a good outcome for their client.

In many circumstances where there is a large monetary payout at stake, the solicitor will work for a percentage of the money that is won in the case. This, again, make sense because of their role in securing that payout in the first place.

As you can see, the relatively high expense of lawyers is very much justified when you take a look at the specific reasons for it.

A Checklist on Hiring Sydney Criminal Lawyers

gavel inside the courtroom

Hiring a solicitor can be a really tough decision to make. If you have been charged with a serious crime, like sexual assault, manslaughter or murder, you will want to ensure that you have access to the best Sydney criminal lawyers. Regardless of how serious the crime may be, you want the best legal defence you can afford in your corner. Indeed, there are many advantages of convening with a solicitor, even if it is just for legal advice. However, it is important to note that solicitors can provide a wide range of services and that there are certain things you need to be on the lookout for when employing legal representation. Let’s consider a few key things to remember.


Technical knowledge

Just because a solicitor has plenty of experience, doesn’t necessarily mean they are well-versed in the legal framework. In fact, our laws are subject to change quite frequently, so you probably want one of the Sydney criminal lawyers who is up to date with all the available information. Take for example the legal definition of marriage, which recently changed to include same-sex couples as being the same as heterosexual marriage. Laws relating to crime are similarly always changing, particularly in regards to federal government proposals as to whether those convicted of terrorism should be stripped of their Australian citizenship.



How much experience a solicitor has is also a good indicator of their quality, however, it is also important to be wary of so-called experience statistics. What is important is that the Sydney criminal lawyers involved in your case can back up their experience by demonstrating their technical nous either to you or in the courtroom. In reality, if you are impressed by their presence and credentials, consider their services. At the end of the day, experience is one thing, but putting that into practice is another.


Appreciate honesty

You’ll hear a lot of outlandish statements and promises from the many Sydney criminal lawyers. That’s because they are all competing with one another for work. There is a lot of competition in the legal profession and with the number of law graduates hitting the market skyrocketing, it seems there may be no end in sight.

Put simply, you should be looking for Sydney criminal lawyers who will be honest with you. The last thing you need is to be fed vague promises, building unrealistic optimism. You have been charged with a crime and the entire process needs to be treated with respect. You want a solicitor who can provide constructive, unbiased advice. You need a solicitor who will be impartial and realistic. Their job is to present your case and fight for the best legal outcome given the crime you have been charged with.


Value their courtroom presence

A courtroom can be a daunting place. If you have been charged with a rather serious or heinous crime, you’ll likely be seeing judgmental eyes all over the courtroom. You need a group of Sydney criminal lawyers who can help you through this stressful and emotional period. They will be able to present your side of the case without putting you under any unnecessary duress. Unless you have studied the legal framework in the past, you will likely have no idea what is going on in the courtroom. Thankfully, with the guidance of your Sydney criminal lawyers, you will never be out of the loop or confused about what is going on. They will be aware of all the relevant legal documentation and rhetoric, so you can rest assured that they will keep you informed and that your case will be as strong as it can possibly be.

How Will Dispute Lawyers Can Ease The Pain

my last will

It can be a very depressing and hard time when a loved one passes away. People want to remember their loved ones in a good way, but sometimes the way assets are handled after a loved one has passed can put added strains and sometimes rifts in a once close family. There are ways to make sure your personal assets are taken care of properly when you pass away, and you may have a case for a will dispute lawyer if you are inadequately taken care of with a loved ones assets. Just as much as you are in need of family lawyers Sydney when you are dealing with legal family matters, you also definitely need a will dispute lawyer when dealing with your will, testament and personal assets.

A will is a legal document which clearly outlines how you wish your assets to be shared and to whom after your untimely passing. Making sure you have something clear, concise and legally binding is how you can make sure that you protect your assets in the best way when you are no longer here to protect them yourself. Without a legalized document in place means that no one is to know where you want your assets and where you do not want them, instead a formula is used to distribute your assets out evenly to certain family members which may not be your wish at all. This is why you need one in the first place.

Sometimes when a loved one passes and their assets are distributed you may feel like you have not been adequately taken care of. A will dispute lawyer can help you fight this and make sure you get what you actually deserve. You have up to 12 months after the death to make this type of claim.

You may use a will dispute lawyer if you think that there has been fraud, forgery or maybe you think that your loved one had been influenced to make the decisions or that your loved one was believed to not be mentally sound at the time it was written. By law it can only be contested by a spouse, child or person who is mentioned in the current or previous document. Just because a sibling is mad about something does not give them grounds to make a case, there are certain reasons that apply only.


Some of the reasons that you can use will dispute lawyers are as mentioned:

Fraud, a fraudulent example would be if someone made your loved one believe he or she was signing a different document to ensure they got what they wanted instead of what your loved one wanted.

Forgery, someone may have forged the document making it invalid,

-Influence, e.g a caretaker has taken control and you feel that they have also influenced your loved ones decisions meaning you also have the grounds to contest it.


At a will dispute lawyers you receive a free case assessment. It can be very costly to take your case to court, it is best to determine whether you have the rights to do so. With a no win no fee policy a licensed attorney can take your case to court and if your case is unsuccessful there wont be any fee. This could mean some major loss for the attorneys so it is best to make sure before your case is submitted to the courts.

Whether you are a spouse or a de facto partner, a child or a dependent or maybe you had a very close relationship with the deceased, if you believe you have been inadequately taken care of, or you believe fraud or forgery have taken place, you can give a will dispute lawyer a call and find out how they can help ease the pain.

How a Melbourne criminal lawyer can help you with your case


For some people out there, they may be needing to implement the services of a professional Melbourne criminal lawyer. There can be many reasons for this but mostly it is because they are facing some kind of criminal charge that they need to go to court for. As the courtroom can be a scary place and many people do not fully understand what is going on throughout a trial, they find it much easier to implement the help from the experts. Furthermore, when facing a trial, many people are harshly judged on their appearance and so will risk facing unnecessarily harsh charges. Because of this, it is also best to seek the help of a Melbourne criminal lawyer to ensure that this does not occur. There are many different things that can go wrong when people look to self-represent themselves and it doesn’t always look good for the person at hand either. What many people also don’t know is that they will need to pay expensive court fees when they decide to represent themselves. Similarly, for someone who does not understand the special language that is used in the courtroom, they can be like a fish out of water without any professional help.

A Melbourne criminal lawyer can help act as a support system

One of the best ways that a Melbourne criminal lawyer is able to help is by acting as a support system. Not only will they be the most knowledgeable person to see in regards to a case but they will also be able to act as a confidant during what can be an extremely stressful time. Many people find that their mental health suffers when they are facing a case and this is because the courtroom can seem extremely scary and daunting. There are so many things at stake and people don’t want to mess things up. Many people are worried about receiving a sentence that will see them in jail, that will give them a record, that will see them receiving a large fine that they cannot pay, or losing their licence which makes them incapable of working. A Melbourne criminal lawyer is able to inform their client on all of the different things that can occur but without scaring them. They can also work with their clients to strive towards avoiding any unnecessarily harsh punishments.

A Melbourne criminal lawyer can help move things along

When it comes to the legal system, there are all sorts of things that can cause a trial or application to slow down. This may because the incorrect paper work was submitted, or because there wasn’t any paperwork submitted at all. Without the help of a professional, a client may not know how to apply for bail release and they may be unsure of what to do when their trial gets pushed back. To best avoid things carrying on for any longer than they need to, a Melbourne criminal lawyer is able to ensure that things are done right the first time so that their clients can have peace of mind as soon as possible. They are able to organise the correct documents when necessary and are able to quickly apply for appeals if they need to. Furthermore, they will usually have the equipment in their offices that will see that paperwork is sent off quickly and correctly e.g. fax machines and scanners. Whatever the reason for wanting to seek out a professional Melbourne criminal lawyer, it is well known that there are many benefits to doing so. Why not give one a call today?


How much do Sydney divorce lawyers cost?

Best divorce lawyer in Sydney

For a lot of people out there, they will be more than glad to end their marriage. More often than not, people will have tried to make things work for a long period of time and many will have stayed in a relationship for longer than they should have. This is especially the case when a couple has children that they are trying to stay together for. While people can feel like they are getting a new lease on life when they are ending a marriage, there are some other factors that can sometimes get in the way of this new found sense of joy. This is most commonly financial issues. This is because there are many costs involved when ending a relationship and this is often where things can become quite complicated. It is common to see couples disagree on what is going to happen with their money and this can mean that both of the involved parties will need to seek representation from the best divorce lawyer in Sydney. Once again, there are many benefits to seeking help from Sydney divorce lawyers, however, there is always some costs that are involved. Because of this, it is extremely important for people to figure out that these costs are going to be, especially for those who are left with nothing after they leave their partner. As this is so important, this article will explore this further.

The application itself will have an involved cost

What many people may not know is that in addition to any legal fees that may accrue, it additionally costs money to put in the divorce application. This also doesn’t include any fees that may occur when someone has to attend court. While people are easily able to put in an application themselves, some will become easily confused and will want to ensure that they are doing it right the first time. This is especially the case when someone is eager to get out of a relationship as soon as possible. As this is the case, it is often best to speak with Sydney divorce lawyers before hiring them to establish what the involved costs are. They may include the application fee in their fees but some may not. Making this crystal clear in the beginning will make things much easier in the long run and will ensure a more positive relationship between the attorney and the client at hand.

Sydney divorce lawyers are able to advise on their fees

Some firms out there will clearly display their costs on their website, however, this usually isn’t the case as individual cases tend to have different needs. As there usually isn’t a clear cut answer as to what the involved fees are going to be, it is always a good idea to speak to Sydney divorce lawyers before hiring them and get the best idea of a number. Some companies will have a one-off fee involved that will need to be paid before hiring, whereas others will still work with a pay by the hour method. But getting a rough idea is important so people are able to sort themselves out financially and be prepared for whatever may come. Planning for the worst-case scenario can be a wise move and adequately prepare people for the things that may happen when ending a relationship. When one person involved declares that they were misinformed or didn’t fully understand what they were signing then this may mean that the conditions will be dismissed. To best avoid this from occurring it is always wise to seek professional help.

Worst Traits and Characteristics Your Lawyer Should Not Possess


Should you be uninitiated to the personality type of an attorney, then it can be difficult as a client to decipher the bad from the good or the professional from the sleazy operators.


By their very job description it is helpful for an attorney to be risk-averse, slightly pessimistic all the while personifying a singular focus on the targets and objectives of the case at hand.


As a client though, you should be in a position to notice some important red flags should they arise from the party that is intended to represent you and your interests. If these traits and characteristics do emerge, then action should be taken to ensure that the best possible candidate is standing up for you in a court of law.


Here is what you should be on the lookout for.

Hidden Bills and Fees


To begin with, an ideal attorney should always be up front with their client about the financial agreement that has been put in place. This is paramount on the part of the client because hidden bills and fees that later emerge illustrates a lawyer who is not working in the best interests of the party they are said to be representing. It is morally wrong to do so, but also raises serious questions about other conduct.

Lacking Authenticity


While bills and fees are tangible assets that can examined, the subject of authenticity is one of the great intangibles that is determined purely on a subjective basis. How an individual presents themselves and interacts with another is entirely down to their unique interpretation and the authenticity of an attorney can be difficult to judge without a series of consultations.


Ask some key questions to gauge their authenticity:


  • Are they approachable and illustrate a key understanding of the facts of the case?
  • Do they provide insight and strategy?
  • Have they outlined their working conditions with clarity up front?


Should they fail these benchmarks, then their expertise and personality is probably not an ideal fit for you.



Lawyers have a reputation for enjoying a drink or two once they are off the clock and while this is perfectly acceptable in moderation, representatives that become sloppy, tardy and cut corners place their clients in grave risk. Attorneys will likely have multiple cases occurring simultaneously and although certain consultations might run overtime, lawyers who continually fail to meet schedules and timelines should be put on notice.

When Can An Attorney Reject a Client?

We hear constantly about the reasons and rationales as to why a client would reject a lawyer. The world of attorneys is simply an open market should you have the resources to hire one in a court of law. Yet what about the reverse scenario – when is it acceptable and appropriate for an attorney to reject a client?


The short answer to this equation is quite simple – whenever they so please. No lawyer is obliged to take on a client without their consent and there are instances where it is actually against the law for an attorney to represent an individual in certain circumstances. This includes a previous personal relationship between both parties or if a lawyer happened to represent an individual that was adverse to that potential client.


The right of free will happens to extend beyond citizens and towards attorneys as well. So what red flags should lawyers be on the lookout for to justify rejecting a client? Surely a case win or lose is still a paycheck to cash in?


Here are some instances where a rejection is justified.

Continuing Criminal Activities


Those that are found to have been guilty of engaging in criminal activities will often source an attorney to keep the law at arm’s length from their enterprise. Attorneys that are aware of this fact are in their rights to walk away before they are further compromised and asked to perpetuate any illegal schemes that are taking place.


Lack of Committal


Attorneys do require a degree of commitment when it comes to dedication themselves to a case. If a client has a past history and reputation for moving from one firm to the next in order to test the waters, then a lawyer can pull the plug due to a lack of trust.

Aggressive Clients


Individuals who place unwanted pressures on their attorney to make sudden and illegitimate demands on their representative are out of order. Whether it is a request or demand to drop other cases in order to focus on their priorities or threaten to walk away without justification, then the lawyer can take a proactive step to end the agreement.

The Lawyer Skeptics


Attorneys are already viewed through a cynical lens, but that task is all the more difficult if their client continually diminishes and talks down your efforts to get the job done. Should they have no trust in the process and hold disdain for you and your practice, then walk away.

What Salary Can An Attorney Expect Over a Career?

Knowing what profession you are going to be working in as you study in school can be a daunting proposition. For teenagers studying their way through high school and considering their college prospects, the career option that you take should ideally be the end result of your passions, interests and skills in a particular niche.


That equation will not always point to a clear and identifiable path. For many youngsters, the career you end up opting for has not even been established yet in the mainstream commerce community – so the trick is to be educated, qualified and ready to adapt.


This consideration will gradually lead to a discussion about expected salaries and what fields are more financially stable for your short, medium and long-term future. From doctors to teachers, entertainers or tradesmen and women, there is a myriad of choice out there.


Law is a specialty field that is considered one of the safest professions for long-term viability. Attorneys are never at threat of seeing their expertize dissolved or overtaken by technology, so there is genuine currency in this practice.


However, how lucrative is a life in law? Let us examine the latest statistics to help make up your mind.

First Year Expectations


The National Association for Law Placement is a body that oversees the profession to examine the trends that are occurring across firms all over the country. Once new members are qualified to have passed their bar exam and are certified as part of the legal fraternity, the average annual salary is listed at USD $160,000.


Yet it must be noted that these figures derive from larger firms that house entire departments with specialist faculties of attorneys, a facet that is not the privilege of locally-based firms around the nation.

Factors Influencing Salaries


Experts in the field have noticed that the past 10 years has seen this $160,000 figure remain stagnant. Whilst this could be in due part to a struggling global economy, there is also the involvement of mergers, acquisitions and niche specialty firms that have contributed to a dilution in terms of how much firms bill their clientele.


Other elements will include the state, city or rural area in which a practice is established. For example, lawyers based in regions such as Carmel, Indiana operate off a mean annual salary of $89,499 as of 2018, a figure that pales in comparison to the average first year package that has been broadcast.


Working as an attorney can be incredibly lucrative as a career proposition, yet the salary will be in context to the type of law that is being practiced, the brand of the firm and the location in which it is situated.

Should Attorneys Be Unionized?

Depending on what state and part of the country that you are based, your perception on the very concept of unions is likely to be painted differently.


On one hand they are important bodies for blue collar workers who need a voice and representation when companies threaten to cut jobs and decrease wages across the board.


On the other hand, they can be viewed cynically as an attempt to garner power and influence with those who run the organization at the very top.


There is evidence on either side of the divide that would support those claims, but each rationale requires a strong degree of context.


So how does the idea of a union apply to attorneys? This is a practice that does not usually necessitate a debate for this group of professionals to be unionized. They generally have no trouble promoting themselves or putting food on the table, so why bother?


Well there is a discussion to be had that would merit lawyers becoming more unionized. Here we will outline the case in the affirmative.

Collective Bargaining


While the perception of the average lawyer is an out of touch professional driving to work in a luxury can on a six or seven year annual salary, the reality can be quite different for a majority of operators. The whole intention of a union is to provide an ability for individual workers to bargain and negotiate with their bodies for a fair wage. The top end of town who are listed on high hourly wages or retainers won’t require the benefit of a union that collectively bargains on their behalf, but other representatives at a local level without the resources would benefit from being a certified union member.

Rules and Regulations


Externally the notion of lawyers bandied together to fight for their rights and wages might not be appealing, but there is one aspect that would work on behalf of the clients. Union members are stipulated to follow a set of rules and regulations in order to reap the rewards of their participation and although there are bodies of oversight in the legal profession, attorneys that sign up to a union would have to perform in accordance to these strict stipulations.


That would place increased pressure on operators who are ethically and morally challenged or cut corners when representing their clients. It would be another ways and means of ensuring a degree of regulation on a profession that does require some reigning in.