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Why Clients Search Far & Wide for the Best Divorce Lawyer in Sydney

best divorce lawyer in Sydney

The quest to find the best divorce lawyer in Sydney will be universal for a spouse who is attempting to manage a separation from their former partner. 

While some will just contact firms who are close by and convenient, others appreciate that a more calculating approach serves their interests more. 

By exploring the reasons why clients search far and wide for the best divorce lawyer in Sydney, it is possible to shape the criteria for any future examinations. 

The Client Stakes Are High 

One of the motivations behind the search for the best divorce lawyer in Sydney will be attributed to the stakes of the case for the client. Child custody, settlement fees, property ownership, alimony payments and a whole lot more relating to monetary and sentimental value are in play. Depending on how these cases are settled and an agreement reached, individuals can walk away in a bad state if they are left unrepresented. The choice to look far and wide is intended to power constituents who need to have a professional fighting their corner and facilitating positive talks. 

Reputations Are Fluid 

Who is deemed the best divorce lawyer in Sydney exactly? Well the answer to this question can change inside a decade, a year, a month and maybe even a week. This is because reputations of specialists are fluid and always in flux. The more referrals that are sought and the more firm reviews that are read online, the better the picture begins to form for members that want to track performance for the short and long-term. 

Costs & Billing Are Unique 

Sydney community members who require the services of a divorce representative understand that the price of their assistance won’t necessarily be cheap. Some will want to charge up-front fees, others will bill on an hourly basis, there are flat fee firms, retainer agreements and outlets that look to garner a percentage of a settlement figure. The more that people read the terms and conditions, the better placed they are to sign an agreement that works for their financial interests and not the lawyers. 

Divorce Objectives Are Subjective 

What men and women want out of a settlement are entirely up to them, but the facts of the case will present unique challenges. From those community members that want to fight aggressively for home ownership, child custody or financial access to others that are more conciliatory and operating in good faith, the choice of the best divorce lawyer in Sydney often comes down to what makes a good fit. There will be practitioners who are comfortable dealing in between conflict while others can be more versed facilitating a place to negotiate via mediation or dispute resolution. 

Not All Representatives Are Good at Communicating & Developing Working Relationships 

Couple seeing a divorce lawyer in Sydney

Sometimes two people don’t gel. Put it down to a clash of personalities or just a different way of approaching the same topic. Yet the search for the best divorce lawyer in Sydney will use the same principles. When the solicitor and client are in a room and putting together strategy and providing counsel, can they make progress? Is there a rapport that facilitates momentum? Clients are right to continue their search if the professionals do not match on this front. 

Early Planning Affords The Best Candidates 

Those participants who do extend their search over the course of hours, days and even weeks for the best divorce lawyer in Sydney are expanding their scope for who can take on the case. There will be a litany of men and women who are afforded big marketing budgets and access to the wider market courtesy of their firm’s resources, but will there be candidates who fly under the radar and happen to be available for earlier consultations? Extending research in this field only works in the favour of the client because more operators come into focus.

Who Are Divorce Lawyers in Sydney?

Family facing a divorce

Everyone and especially divorce lawyers in Sydney would agree that divorce is a big step. The reason is that how you handle it can affect your life. It does not matter the side you belong to; it is only appropriate to hire professionals as your lawyers. The entire process could be uncomfortable and scary initially, but you can have all the support you need with the right lawyer. 

How to hire the right divorce lawyers in Sydney

There are important questions to ask to ensure that you are about to hire the perfect divorce lawyer in Sydney. Consider the following as the ideal guide if hiring a divorce lawyer in Sydney seems overwhelming to you. Let us explore them. 

  • How many cases has the lawyer previously handled? 

When it comes to judging cases, experience is essential. You need to know how many cases the divorce lawyers in Sydney have handled are similar to your lawsuit. It will help you understand how good they are, how many solutions they can offer to you, and how much you can trust their judgment. 

  • How many of the above cases were settled in court or out of it? 
divorce lawyer in Sydney helping a couple on their legal separation

Not all legal cases are to be sorted out in court. Sometimes, settling out of court allows one to achieve a solution without any rush of emotions or adrenaline. Both partners can quickly reach a compromise and even better conditions since they are not tense. However, if the need arises, your lawyer should also be prepared to use the court of law. 

  • Is there room for collaborative divorce? 

Collaborative divorce is similar to settling the issue out of court. Collaborative divorce explains when you and your partner use your specially experienced and trained attorney to work out problems. The method employed is called interest-based negotiation. 

It is reaching a compromise to focus on some agreements. Not all divorce lawyers in Sydney can do it. It would be best to be sure your lawyer is on top of his game and could carry out this arbitration or mediation. 

  • Does the solicitor have any prior relationship with your partner? 

You do not want anyone who will prioritize your partner over you at this stage. As a matter of fact, you will be losing more than your partner with the wrong divorce lawyers in Sydney. Hence, you should find out if there is any prior relationship between your partner and the solicitor. 

A solicitor is meant to carry out his activities outside of emotions. Also, it would be best if you remembered humans have feelings and can become sentimental as a result. 

  • What is the fee breakdown for the lawyer?

The fee breakdown of the lawyer is fundamental. You do not have to spend big to hire quality divorce lawyers in Sydney. You should hire the best possible lawyer at the most affordable amount. So, ask for the lawyer’s fee breakdown before you go ahead. 

Answering the above questions is essential as they determine how good your about-to-be-hired divorce lawyers in Sydney can be. Once all the answers provided are satisfactory, you are good to proceed with them. 

How To Keep Your Children Okay During A Divorce

Family law solicitor in Sydney
Family law solicitor in Sydney

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the relationship with your partner breaks down and you have to separate or get a divorce. If you have children, it makes the divorce more difficult, as you both want what’s best for your children. It is important that no matter what you are going through, you think of your children first.

A divorce is also a difficult time for them, so it is important you do all you can to try and keep them as happy as you can during this time. Everything that knows about their home life is going to change, and it is going to take a lot of readjusting to get used to the new normal. Family law solicitors in Sydney are essential to ensure you do what is best for your children.

So, during this difficult time it is important to keep your children as happy as possible, and have a read on below at some tips to do this:

Don’t Let The Children Pick Side

It is important that you don’t let your kids pick sides, this also includes letting them pick who they want to spend time with. All this does is put extra stress on them and they may feel like they are letting the other parent down. There is enough stress in the family at the moment, and your children are probably not in the best mindset to make these types of decisions.

You also shouldn’t keep track of how much time the children spend with you compared to your ex. The time won’t always be an even 50/50 split, so you need to be okay with that and allow for a little give and take from time to time. It may seem unfair, but you have to hope that most of it will come out in the wash, and over an extended period of time your time with the children is more even.

Don’t Buy Their Love

It can be a bit of cop out to try and buy your kids anything and everything they want. Instead of doing this, try to spend quality time with them, where you do a fun activity together, like going to the beach or painting a picture together.

By all means, buy them presents when they deserve them, like if they get a good result on a test or if it is their birthday. But if you are just buying them gifts for the sake of it, it will lose its value and they will come to expect gifts all the time.

Don’t Talk Negatively About Your Ex

Couple consulting a family law solicitor in Sydney

You should never talk negatively about your ex in front of your children. Your ex is still your children’s parent, and saying terrible things about them will just confuse them and it might even make them upset.

As well as this, talking about your ex in front of your children in a negative way might come back to bite you. Children are notoriously bad liars and they could end up telling your ex all about what you said, which could create more conflict between you two.

Financial Conversations in Private

Your children are probably already really stress about everything that is going on, and something that they don’t need to be concerned about is your financial situation. Therefore you should always aim to have these types of conversions in private, when the children aren’t around.

Your financial situation is of no concern to your children, and there is nothing that they can do about it. So make sure you only talk to your children about things that have a direct impact on them.