It can be a very depressing and hard time when a loved one passes away. People want to remember their loved ones in a good way, but sometimes the way assets are handled after a loved one has passed can put added strains and sometimes rifts in a once close family. There are ways to make sure your personal assets are taken care of properly when you pass away, and you may have a case for a will dispute lawyer if you are inadequately taken care of with a loved ones assets. Just as much as you are in need of family lawyers Sydney when you are dealing with legal family matters, you also definitely need a will dispute lawyer when dealing with your will, testament and personal assets.

A will is a legal document which clearly outlines how you wish your assets to be shared and to whom after your untimely passing. Making sure you have something clear, concise and legally binding is how you can make sure that you protect your assets in the best way when you are no longer here to protect them yourself. Without a legalized document in place means that no one is to know where you want your assets and where you do not want them, instead a formula is used to distribute your assets out evenly to certain family members which may not be your wish at all. This is why you need one in the first place.

Sometimes when a loved one passes and their assets are distributed you may feel like you have not been adequately taken care of. A will dispute lawyer can help you fight this and make sure you get what you actually deserve. You have up to 12 months after the death to make this type of claim.

You may use a will dispute lawyer if you think that there has been fraud, forgery or maybe you think that your loved one had been influenced to make the decisions or that your loved one was believed to not be mentally sound at the time it was written. By law it can only be contested by a spouse, child or person who is mentioned in the current or previous document. Just because a sibling is mad about something does not give them grounds to make a case, there are certain reasons that apply only.


Some of the reasons that you can use will dispute lawyers are as mentioned:

Fraud, a fraudulent example would be if someone made your loved one believe he or she was signing a different document to ensure they got what they wanted instead of what your loved one wanted.

Forgery, someone may have forged the document making it invalid,

-Influence, e.g a caretaker has taken control and you feel that they have also influenced your loved ones decisions meaning you also have the grounds to contest it.


At a will dispute lawyers you receive a free case assessment. It can be very costly to take your case to court, it is best to determine whether you have the rights to do so. With a no win no fee policy a licensed attorney can take your case to court and if your case is unsuccessful there wont be any fee. This could mean some major loss for the attorneys so it is best to make sure before your case is submitted to the courts.

Whether you are a spouse or a de facto partner, a child or a dependent or maybe you had a very close relationship with the deceased, if you believe you have been inadequately taken care of, or you believe fraud or forgery have taken place, you can give a will dispute lawyer a call and find out how they can help ease the pain.