The choice to engage an online lawyer might appear somewhat unusual. If there are firms and practices based in the town or city, what not get in contact with them?

The fact remains that there are many community members who recognise value in their service and understand why it is more beneficial for their circumstances.

Here are 6 reasons why an online lawyer suits the needs of their clientele base.

1) Same Level of Expertise & Excellent Representation

There is a common misconception that exists amongst many community members about the role of an online lawyer. Given that they are not situated in the same premises and have all of the bells and whistles as high-end solicitors, then they don’t offer the same level of quality. This opinion is incredibly wide of the mark and fails to recognise the industry trend towards digital engagement. In this setting, clients receive the same service excellence and staunch representation, it is just a matter of readjusting to a different mode of delivery.

2) Convenient Scheduling

The good news for community members who hire an online lawyer is that they are not directly impacted by normal business hour routines. Just because the clock is listed prior to 9am, after 5pm or situated on a weekend or public holiday, that won’t preclude the client from getting in touch with their specialist. By logging into a device and enjoying a private consultation with the representative, they can enjoy flexible scheduling options that are not afforded through traditional means.

3) Avoiding Travel Logistics

Legal representatives who carry out much of their work online appreciate that many of their constituents might struggle to receive quality representation because they are based in remote areas or they are restricted due to their health or their work or family commitments. For many, travelling into town or a city for an hour or two is a luxury they cannot afford. In this setting, they will be able to converse and plan their legal case from the convenience of their own home or a location of their choosing.

4) Flexible Delivery Method

The joys of technology mean that an online lawyer can be contacted via mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet. So long as there is a strong and sustainable Internet connection to utilise, then the delivery method between the professional and their customer will be flexible and dependent on the device that the individual has at their disposal. That flexibility is important, especially for those that have various device options and don’t want to be limited by just a single utility.

5) Transparent Lawyer Profile & Legal Targeting

With an online lawyer, nothing is left to chance for the client. Whether their case involves criminal law, family law, property law, administrative law, immigration law or another unique field altogether, then they can identify that practitioner from anywhere in the region, state or country. The same principle works for interested parties who are surveying their ratings and reviews, ensuring 100% transparency about who they hire and the terms of the agreement.

6) Affordable Rates & Fees

For many solicitors, they have to include higher fees and rates to ensure that they have coverage for their rental premises. Part of the way that they generate their image and enjoy more accolades will be due to their location and proximity to other brands. With the use of an online lawyer, they can work from home, out of the office or somewhere else remotely. This will allow them to reduce the fees and make their service more affordable, helping those constituents who are looking out for their bottom line.